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The Newshound was set up in 1996 as an independent "news sifting" service for people interested in the Northern Ireland situation. The site provides a daily catalogue of articles from the Web editions of Newspapers around the world. The Newshound is only a catalogue of links where each link brings you to the website of the host publisher - directly to the article of interest. The site currently has over 2000 members and a daily average of 3,500 click-throughs.
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Recently Capture have teamed up with Newshound to enhance and develop the site. The site is currently being converted to a dynamic database driven site incorporating user registration and member logon, as well as on-line tools for administering the site. Planned for the future are: added-value subscription service, on-line bookstore and merchandising outlet.

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Web Server: Red Hat Linux
Database: MySQL
Source: HTML, Javascript, PHP4
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